Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Lies I tell myself

I tell myself I'm not beautiful.

I tell myself the reflection staring back at me isn't worthy of love.

I tell myself each and every flaw.

I tell myself that I need to look this way.

I tell myself I need to change that about me.

I tell myself I'm don't deserve to be happy.

And then I remember.

I'm beautiful.

I'm worthy of love.

My "flaws" make me who I am.

I don't have to look this way to be happy.

I don't have to change to make others like me.

I am completely deserving of happiness.

See,  we let lies take us over and dictate how we feel. I'm guilty of it, and it's a daily struggle to overcome these lies and to replace them with the truth. I don't have to be a victim of my own thoughts, and you don't either. I think we forget that sometimes. Our biggest enemy is us. It's a daily struggle to love ourselves for who we are.

But, I hope we all can trade our lies for truths and see how beautiful we truly are. We all deserve to be happy.

I know it's not easy. It's like the mirror shouts each flaw at us loudly. We're too fat. We're too skinny. Our hair isn't the way it's supposed to be. These clothes make us look worse. My nose is too big. My lips are too small.

Flaw after flaw, we're pointing it out, constantly putting ourselves down. What would happen if you spoke only good things about yourself for one day? Instead of saying, I'm too fat. How about you say, "I'm me. That's all that matters." Instead of calling yourself too skinny say, "I'm me. That's all that matters."

One day could change how we see ourselves. Is it worth it? Would it be worth it to learn how to love yourself? Are YOU worth it?

Our Father didn't create us to hate ourselves. He created us to live for Him, and if we're constantly beating ourselves down, how can we live for Him, the One who created us?  The answer is simple. We can't.

He knows who you are, and He created you anyway. He loves you, and it's about time we started loving ourselves.

God wants us to love ourselves as much as He loves us, and do you know how much He loves us? It's unfathomable how much He loves us! We'll probably never love ourselves that much, but if we could make one step closer to that love He has, then wouldn't that make us happier? Wouldn't our existence be more joyful? 

See, we're beautiful because we're of God, and God makes everything beautiful (Isaiah 61:3). I just don't want you to forget how beautiful you are! Let God remind you of that today.

He hath made every thing beautiful in his time . (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

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